How effective social media management can grow your business

May 27, 2023
All popular social media platforms today are optimized for business use. This is because they understand the importance of building a less formal connection with existing and potential customers.

All popular social media platforms today are optimized for business use. This is because they understand the importance of building a less formal connection with existing and potential customers. Little wonder why the social media giants, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube dedicate so much resources and attention to providing tools for business owners to promote and manage their businesses on these platforms.

We’ve decided to put together a short guide on how to boost your business’ growth and build quality connections using social media. In this guide, you’ll find eight valuable tips below that will help you to do just that.

1. Optimize your profile

No matter the social media platform; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, e.t.c, you want to optimize your profile by using a simple and clear profile image, and stating what your business does in your bio. Avoid unnecessary information and go straight to the point when writing your bio. This is the first thing that people read when they visit your page/account, therefore you don’t want to make the mistake of sounding ambiguous, being too wordy, or providing misleading information.

Only include relevant info like your business name, what the business is about, what you offer, your business location, and how to contact you. Let people understand what your business is about at first glance.

2. Share quality information about what you do

People are not interested in connecting with a business on social media unless it continuously shares information that solves a problem that they have, keeps them entertained, or spikes their interest in some way. While most creators tend towards the entertainment angle, it is advisable for corporate businesses to base their content on helpful information. A very popular graphic designer, Chris Do, keeps his audience ever wanting more of his social presence by sharing a perfect blend of insightful tips on how to thrive as a freelancer and information about opportunities for people in his niche.

3. Show up consistently

No one likes an on-today, off-tomorrow type of relationship. Once you decide to go the social media way, you have to be consistent so it is important to decide on a posting frequency that works best for you. Avoid biting more than you can chew, and at the same time, don’t choose to show up once a month.

While showing up regularly is very important, the truth of the matter is that even if you show up every day, without great content, you’d be better off not showing up at all.

4. Engage with other accounts

Regularly engaging with other business accounts in your niche can greatly increase your chances of being noticed by people interested in your content, product, and services. The major mistakes that people make are; spamming other business pages with advertisements for their own products or sending a ton of cold DMs to potential clients. Avoid being a nuisance at all costs.

The right way to engage with a fellow entrepreneur’s account is by spiking meaningful conversations, asking relevant questions, and providing valuable information. Leaving informative comments from time to time can make way for partnerships, collaborations, and long-lasting business relationships in the future.

5. Respond to DMs

Avoid ignoring DMs, no matter whether they are inquiries about your product/services or just a question about some comment you made a week ago. Communication is the only way to build trust, so endeavor to respond to all messages on your business accounts in a timely manner. Even if you get a DM from someone who is trying to pitch a service you aren’t interested in, politely declining the offer would be much better than ignoring them altogether.

6. Stay up to date with what’s working

Remember back in 2020 when Instagram reels were launched and they were all every creator was posting back to back? So many businesses were able to skyrocket their IG communities within months, simply by posting engaging reels consistently.

This shows how important it is to stay up to date with social media trends. Presently, twitter spaces are all any social media experts want to talk about ,and they really are trending.

Taking advantage of social media trends can really go a long way to help grow awareness for your business and further down the line, help you get new customers.

7. Use the right hashtags

Hashtags play a big role in growing a business on social media, irrespective of what particular channel is in question. Hashtags help to categorize your content, optimizing them to show up in specific search results on the platform and even on search engines. You want to make sure that you are using relevant hashtags in your posts, therefore, it is necessary to do dome research before using hashtags at all. The best way to find hashtags for your content on any social media platform is to find similar recent contents within your niche which are gaining a healthy amount of engagement and try to filter out some hashtags used in them. Remember to only use hashtags that are relevant to your specific content.

8. Run regular paid ads for fast growth

Why businesses shy away from running social media ads, I cannot understand. This is the only secret to gaining massive reach within a short time. Trust us when we say; there is no other way.

Paid social media ads provide your business with the most advanced targeting tools you can find anywhere, thereby, giving you a chance to put your business directly in front of people who are already interested in what you do. On most social media channels, the algorithm favors business accounts that have recently spent money on ads over others by boosting their content upward in search results and feeds.

One very useful tip for running successful ads is that you shouldn’t always try to optimize your ads for sales. Once in a while, run what we like to call “casual ads”. These are ads that are not necessarily trying to get people on the other end to buy something from you, but rather to show them something interesting, insightful, or solve a problem that they have. The outcome of running such ads is that you are able to generate new leads, which you can then begin to lead through a sales funnel, and convert in the long run.

If there are only two things we hope that you take away from this post, they are:

  1. Ensure you post quality content always.
  2. Run social media ads.

Now, the problem that most business owners have is that they cannot find time to dedicate to implementing all of these tips and are therefore in a fix when it comes to social media for their business. Worry not, you shouldn’t let the troubles of maintaining a social media channel stop you from focusing on major aspects of your business. That is why WorkHiver is here to get everything related to social media management and advertising off your hands so that you can focus on your core work.

If this sounds like a lifesaver and you need someone to help you grow your social media presence, contact us today.

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